Ever After Mustang Rescue

In a beautiful rural part of Southern Maine, there is a farm where mustangs can finally feel safe and learn to be human companions. The rescue was started by Mona Jerome in 2002 and one can now find 30 horses, the majority of which are mustangs enjoying their new life.

Mona's rescue offers a refuge for the unwanted, neglected, and abused horses; she hopes to educate the public about the value and merits of mustangs, which in turn raises awareness about the plight of this American breed.

The mission of the rescue is to train and rehabilitate wild or previously adopted mustangs and either transition them to new homes or provide a forever home for them at her farm.

What makes Ever After Mustang Rescue unique is the variety of educational programs offered. One program is a clinic to train prospective adopters and others interested in learning how to care for, handle, and train a wild horse. Another is a program that brings troubled teens to the farm to learn from the horses; it has proven to be a very successful program. Additionally, Mona now offers a program for women of all ages to come and interact with the mustangs two days a week.

There is currently a new fund raising project in the works. Ever After Mustang has the goal of raising $400,000 for a new upgraded barn where her programs can be held and provide a space for pre-veterinarian students as interns from the University of New England. It is big goal to achieve, but Mona's spirit is a prevailing one and I know she will make it happen.

You can visit her website to directly donate to the rescue and watch a wonderful short video of Mona discussing her work with the mustangs.

If you would like to order a print of her mustangs, please visit the How to Help page on this site.